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Front Stabilizer

Our front stabilizer is designed for recumbent riders or those with a relatively constant laid back head position and is for use with our full brim cycling models, the cycling classic and sporty cycling.

  • Allows user to bend front of the brim more forward for better shade
  • Prevents the front visor from flipping back while in a laidback head position

The stabilizer is desinged to allow the user to set their preference of visor angle by cutting the stabilizer to length. The stabilizer will then wrap around the front adjustment strap to form a fixed angle.

Uses: Recumbent riding

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  • Quick and easy to install
  • No modifications to your helmet or sticky adhesives
  • Black
  • One size fits most
  • Made in USA

Here's what a few of our customers have to say:

One of our customers, Gary H. from California, rode over 9600 miles on a circumnavigational tour of the US and wore his Da Brim the entire time! Of his experience with his Da Brim cycling classic, he says: "I never took my Da Brim off. I also never wore any sunscreen on my face. At the end of the day I didn't have a burn and I felt good! It's a dead slick product, man!" You can read about his amazing adventure here.

"What I really notice, especially after owning and using several velcro'd or taped helmet visors, is that Da Brim didn't budge: It stayed right where I mounted it, even screaming down Old Mill Road...where, on another occasion, my carbon fibre visor ripped off my helmet! BTW, the 'stiffener' you included to revent the front from bending upwards works as you said it would. I'm pleased with your innovation and, like my helmet, I'll wear it on every trip."-Jay, recumbent rider from Ohio

"Da Brim is perfect for 'bent riders. My wife and I have been using "Da Brims" for a couple of months now and absolutely swear by them. We live in Phoenix, Arizona and ride a lot of miles on our recumbent cicycles, so sun proteciton is a must....We strongly recommend Da Brim for any cyclist, but we especially recommend it for recumbent riders. With the addition of the [front stabilizer], we can even shape the front brim down far enough to keep the sun and wind out of our eyes without having to tip our helmets down, even on those evenings when riding home into the sun. And the customer support is absolutely unbelievable..." -John, recumbent rider from Arizona