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Tiger Eye Bicycle mirror in Silver Mirrflector
Tiger Eye Bicycle mirror, mirror side
Tiger Eye Bicycle mirror in Orange Mirrflector
Tiger Eye Bicycle mirror in 3 Bikes pattern
Tiger Eye Bicycle mirror in Patriot/USA flag design
Tiger eye helmet mirror and a Da Brim Sporty helmet visor
Tiger Eye helmet mirror and a Da Brim Rezzo helmet visor

Tiger Eye Bicycle Helmet Mirror

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We're often asked what bicycle helmet mirrors work with the Da Brim attachment technology and Tiger Eye's helmet mirror is one of our favorites! 


  • The Tiger Eye mirror's low profile helmet clip allows for good compatibility with the Cycling Classic, Sporty Cycling, and Rezzo attachment technology
  • Constructed from a glass mirror mounted on a stainless bicycle spoke with rubber coating
  • Helmet mount style
  • Provides large field of view
  • Strong and durable
  • Mirrflector also offers a reflector at the front side of the mirror 


The mirror should be placed in the northwest corner of the helmet; not too far in front or it will block forward vision, and not too far back or you will have to look too hard to the left to see it.

When attaching the mirror to the helmet the rubber-coated U portion of the mirror that slides onto the edge of a helmet should be squeezed almost closed and then gently opened just enough to get it started on the edge of the helmet, then push it on the rest of the way. This will insure a tight attachment to the helmet; half of the U should be behind the brow pad and the other half on the outside of the helmet.

Since every helmet is different, the final adjustment requires some bending of the spoke to get the mirror where it needs to be on a particular helmet. Don't be afraid to bend it, It's a bike spoke and it won't break from bending it. Place your left finger in your left ear and bend the spoke until you can see your finger. This will require you to take the helmet on and off a few times and hold the mirror onto the helmet while you are bending it and testing it’s position. Once you have that position set turn your head slightly to the left to see directly behind you.