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Our Story

The Da Brim® concept was born when my husband and I were on a rock climbing outing.  Being relatively new climbers, we spent a large amount of time exposed to the elements on the rock surface without making much vertical progress.  Perhaps if you’ve been a newbie climber, you can sympathize with us.  As the day wore on, we felt like we were baking in the ever-increasing intensity of the sun.  At that point, my husband remarked how nice it would be to have some shade.  Thinking of the other outdoor activities we enjoy, we also saw the same need in bicycling, skating, snowboarding, snow skiing, paddling, and equestrian sports.  The solution was Da Brim®, a detachable, secure-fitting helmet visor that allows air to circulate through the protective helmet’s vents.

From the smallest outing around the neighborhood to the largest adventure across the globe, the sun is always there.  We hope Da Brim® increases your enjoyment of the great outdoors by allowing you to participate in your chosen sport in the cool comfort of shade.  We also hope that taming the blazing sun™ encourages you to play in the great outdoors more often—it’s a wonderful world out there.

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Teresa Bryan